Choosing a Right Type of Label

Marketers use labels for the promotion of products of an organization. The use of tags or stickers enriches an item on which it is used. One can use the tags for the purpose of making an item attractive and appealing. There are many ways to categorize different types of labels. stickers papier

A person can categorize the stickers in two ways. A sticker can be classified according to the type of material used for printing purposes. The material used for the purpose of printing a sticker is called base material. It is also called stock. Another type of classification is according to the kind of adhesive used for the tag.

There are a variety of materials used for printing the sticker. Paper is a commonly used material for the purpose of printing. You can even use recycled paper for creating stickers. It should be reasonably thick and the surface should be smooth in order to give a professional look. A person can also print a sticker by using plastic. The plastic material is more durable as compared to paper. For example, a person can use plastic vinyl for sticking on any plastic material. You can also use bright colors for such tags. A person can also use litho base material. It is a material which is not glossy and smooth. For curved surfaces, you can use the material called latex. The latex is a material is similar to lithe. There is another kind of material which is called foil. The foil material can be used on shiny surfaces. This kind of sticker is also used on curved surfaces.

You can also classify stickers according to different types of adhesives. There are adhesives which are permanent in nature. The labels with such adhesive cannot be removed from the surface where they are glued. Other types of stickers are semi-permanent that can instantly glue to the surface but cannot stay for long time. These tags can be removed from the surface either with water or by scratching. Other kinds of tags are removable adhesives that can be removed by pulling them from the surface.


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