Organic Baby Food – Tips For Making it Affordable

Are you sold on the benefits of organic baby food, but wondering how you can afford to serve it? Do the rising costs of organic produce make you want to run to the canned food aisle?

Before you forgo the extra nutrition in organic foods, here are some suggestions to help you get more for your money.

1. Make your own.

One of the easiest ways to save money on organic baby food is to prepare it yourself. It requires about an hour of planning and preparation each week and even less time once you get into a groove.

All you need is a blender or food processor, one or two ice trays, cling wrap, fresh produce and some baby food recipes. Naturally mushy foods like bananas and avocados require only seconds of food prep time.

2. Shop around for deals.

Whether you are making it yourself or buying prepared baby food, now is not the time to be loyal to your favorite grocer or brand. Look for weekly specials in mailers, in the coupon section of the newspaper or online.

Some of the top brands of organic baby food will offer coupons on their websites. If you don’t see any, email the company. Stock up when the price is good, and go to the competitor when the price is unreasonable.

3. Swap organic foods with a friend.

How often have you purchased an entire bag of organic fruit only to have them rot before they are eaten? Most organic produce is packaged in bulk, not giving you the opportunity to buy one or two pieces.

You don’t need a large quantity of produce to make organic baby food. A little food goes a long way when you make and store it.

To minimize waste, find a healthy-minded friend, agree to purchase certain items and trade the excess. You will save money and be able to provide more variety in your baby’s meals.

If you buy jarred organic baby food, get it in bulk online and trade flavors with your friends.

4. Visit a Farmer’s Market. russian chocolate

If your town has a local farmer’s market, compare the prices to that of your favorite grocery store. You may find savings of up to 40% at the market, so take friends and some cash and enjoy the time shopping outdoors.

Look for the certified organic label on the produce, but know that some small farmers may not be certified because of the expense involved. If in doubt ask how and where the produce is grown. Foods grown locally and in season are the least expensive. Finally, request a sample. Organic foods will have a more flavorful and vibrant taste.

5. Start an organic garden.

Going local is cheaper. Imagine how much money you would save if tomatoes, herbs, berries and peaches grew in your own backyard. Of course this will require time and energy before you experience a payoff.

However, if the cost of transporting fruits and vegetables continues to rise, you may have neighbors knocking on your door making offers for a bucket of blueberries.

If you’re willing to alter your shopping routine, you can experience significant savings on organic baby food and produce. Who knows, you may tap into a resource that makes eating organic affordable for the entire family.

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