The Best Workout Footwear For Women

Unfortunately, most people don’t place the importance of good footwear for their workout routines. Your feet can be the main foundation of the workout! When you are working out, you are generally on your feet. Not having the correct footwear can cause all sorts of problems.

My girlfriend decided she wanted to run a marathon. She set out running everyday, both on the treadmill and on the regular streets outside. What she didn’t realize is that she was training like an athlete. I’ve always said, if you train like an athlete, you need to eat like an athlete, and have the proper footwear. Unfortunately, she did not have the proper footwear. Her feet naturally everse, rather than inverse. Eversion is when the sole of the foot turns away from the middle of the body. Inversion is the opposite. The footwear she was using made her feet everse even more, so, when she was running on them, she was damaging her feet.

She ended up with a stress fracture. She was extremely upset by this, because she was forced by the doctor to stop her training for several weeks. She had to stay off of her feet. fake jordan shoes

Now, you may not be training to run a marathon, but, having proper footwear is just as important. Even if you are on your feet all day walking, it is important. We can end up with plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is extremely painful, usually felt in the heel of the foot. It’s a very painful inflammation. Many people feel it the most on their first step in the morning. They can barely walk in the morning.

There are lot’s of different companies that produce different kinds of footwear. To find the best for your particular feet, it’s good to go to a professional. There are some professional athletic stores that sell footwear. They will have you run with your bare feet across the store. They will take a look at where your feet land and recommend which shoes will be best for your feet. Sometimes, they may even recommend two different pairs. You may wear different shoes for each foot, depending on how you naturally walk or run.

So, you can see the importance of having the proper footwear, especially for your core workout routines! The feet can even affect the back, and hips. So, if you have been having back trouble, you might want to check out if your footwear might be effecting your back.


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