The Link Between 100% Pure and Holistic Skincare

Many manufactures claim that their cosmetic products are 100% pure, but what should we make of 100% pure skincare claims? There are no laws in the United States that require these companies to test their products for contaminants. Research has shown that some products that have been marked “100% pure” can contain lead and mercury, dangerous heavy metals. Even plant-based oils that have been packaged without preservatives can contain bacteria that may cause infections for those using the product. A growing number of people have begun to recognize how important holistic skincare is. The skin, after all, is an extension of the entire body. When we make decisions that are good for our bodies, our skin is also likely to benefit. For example, a stressful life, though it would seem to be affecting only our emotional well-being, may be reflected in our skin in the form of acne. buy cbd oil

Fortunately there are a growing number of companies that are adopting holistic skincare as part of their manufacturing philosophy. Some of these companies incorporate cold-pressing into their manufacturing process in order to protect natural ingredients from bacterial growth. Changes have also been made to packaging; opaque bottles, for example, stop light from entering the container and degrading botanical ingredients. Holistic skincare can be implemented on a personal level as well. Say, for instance, that you develop a vitamin D deficiency by using sunscreens that block your skin from producing that vitamin. A possible change might be to wear clothing that protects from excessive UV exposure without completely blocking the sun. 100% pure skincare treatments have ingredients that come from some of the foods we eat. The wholesomeness of such foods benefits the body and the skin as a result. Less healthy foods have the opposite effect; oily foods have been linked to acne and rashes. Therefore a better diet for your skin might include fruits and vegetables as well as fish. The fatty acids contained in fish keep your cells liquid and add moisture to your skin.

On the topic of moisture, water is another important part of holistic skincare. If the water used to drink and bathe is excessively chlorinated, your skin may become dry. You may be a fan of 100% pure skincare and holistic skincare. Nevertheless there are products that do and do not take this same approach. To make certain that you are using the best skincare products available, look for ones that contain functional keratin, coenzyme Q10, natural vitamin E, as well as kelp extracts or oil from grape seed. These offer a holistic skincare solution.



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