The Papers Needed When Forming a Limited Company

Forming a limited company has become easy over the last couple of years thanks to the availability of online service. This is done with the help of a formation agent and while Companies House does not have an online registration service it is possible to register with them using paper. For the Ltd company to be registered effectively though, there are certain papers that you must present and they include the following.

Form IN01

This is important and it contains information to the following information.

• The name of the business.
• The location of the registered office.
• The business consenting secretary (If any) and the director (s)
• Details of the subscriber.
• Share capital info and the details of the prescribed peculiars including the number of shares.

Memorandum of Association

In order to establish any Ltd company, it is important to provide a memorandum of association. It is supposed to contain the names as well the signatures of the people who are part of the company. In case the corporation is going to be operated on the basis of share commitment, each subscriber is supposed to get at least 1 share.

Articles of Association

The articles of association are used to come up with the rules required to effectively run the limited company. This will include aspects such as the affairs of internal management, legal responsibility and details on how the corporation is going to be operated. There are instances when companies are given the opportunity to use standard articles and in such instances, they do not have to file the same with Companies house.

Where to Get the Documents

While most people understand the papers needed when any Ltd company, they don’t have a clue about where to get the same. It is precisely for this reason that it is considered important to explore the same. For starters, the IN01 form can be easily downloaded from the official House website. On the other forming an online company hand, the memorandum of association and the articles of association can be downloaded or alternatively, easily accessed through solicitors, accountants, legal stationers as well as formation agents.


Once you understand all these aspects about formation of limited company, the next step is to establish how much it will cost you to set up any Ltd company. Often, the standard fee is set at £ 20. This is especially true if the forms are going to be processed in 8 to 10 days. However, if you require services for the same day, it will cost £ 50. If the House is used to meet this end, the fee is set at £ 15 and £ 30 for same day registrations. There other instances when you can start your limited company electronically though this requires that you buy the appropriate software or alternatively use the services of an agent. By carefully taking all these factors into consideration and having the appropriate papers, this should be an easy feat to achieve.


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